Stories Touch Hearts

People will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. If you want to move people, educate and transform you need more than that in your toolbox. As marketers you need stories to be memorable. To persuade. In a digital age and a noisy world we need the art of story telling trainer more than ever.

Where Should You Be Using Stories? 

  1. Presentations And Speaking Need The Art Of Storytelling

Don’t use bullet points so small and illegible. It happens to all of us some time as we live in a world where the machines do misbehave! Despite the best efforts of the tech team the slides never quite made it back. So it is time to dig deep and to keep calm and cool.
Tell a story and make a point…then do it again

  1. Include Stories In Articles

So many posts and articles online are so bland and non-memorable. Why? Because they list facts and figures and leave out humanity. Content marketing devoid of humans. Most of the best writers often starts with a story.

That is why great stories work. And they don’t need to be long or complex.

  1. Share Your Stories In Videos

You need to tell that story more often and to a bigger audience (In video).You may think that it isn’t worth telling but it is.

The reality is that you think that no-one cares about your story but the truth is different. But someone will tell you that it is so powerful and worth sharing after watching it.

So, share your story on video.

  1. Use Stories In Your Emails

The ultimate goal of copywriting Jordon Bower as used in advertising is to sell products. They are at the sharp end of the content marketing funnel. And great copywriting is a digital world is often seen in email marketing

Great copywriting will touch hearts and minds. It invokes or suggests a response.
It is required for landing pages, blog posts, tweets and even sent with that image or photo (just to name a few). But email is one of the core media types that requires skilled copywriting. It uses the power of words alone to cut through the clutter that bombards us every day.

  1. The Attractive Character

Somebody introduced the concept of using your story when people subscribe to your email list. His description of that approach is the “attractive character”
When people discover you online they have never met you. They don’t know your story. Use your introductory sequence to tell your story.
The resulting email sequence you will receive is a sequence of stories.

Over to You

Stories have been used for tens of thousands of years. They are embedded in our psyche. It’s what makes us human.  For more info check out: